good food


“Keeping the raw vibes alive” -Good Food, which stands for Guiding Our Own Dreams & Finding Out Our Destination, real name Jose Nuñez is a Hip Hop & R&B producer. Currently living in Newark,NJ as a resident artist at The Life Lab. While being an avid record digger and music appreciator, Good Food uses sounds from the history of music to give them a new life today.

Good Food is currently working on his 3rd solo instrumental project titled,
“A Taste of Sound”


C.R.U.M.B.S (Creating Raw Underground Music By Sounds) (2013)

M.E.N.U (Music Everyone Naturally Understands) (2014)

1994 Beat Tape (Split Instrumental project with Dre Mendoza) (2014)

Brain Food (Collaboration instrumental tape with Brain Orchestra) (2014)