“P-SouL” Fraser also known as (Phatsoul) is one of Jersey’s most eclectic producers. Born July 17, 1987, P-SouL comes from a line of DJs-- with both his father and grandfather being DJs. P-SouL started making hip hop sampled based instrumental loops & house/deep house music. His musical influences range from 70’s, 80’s & 90’s soul music, through his grandfather and classic 90’s house, deep house & electronic dance music, from his father. Back in 2009, P-SouL took some instructional pointers from a longtime friend and fellow FreqShow member Jamar Jacobs on the basic structure of beat making—and really, hasn’t looked back since. P-SouL’s influences are ever changing as his hunger for new frequencies has intensified. This hunger has enabled him to develop his own unique sound. You can hear new P-SouL plans to dropping tracks late summer /early fall of 2015.